Step#3 YouTube and Black Bottom Cupcakes

The week before last I made a batch of Black-Bottom-Cupcakes to drown out my hockey woes….yes it’s true, both the San Jose Sharks and Montreal are out for the year 😦  And as much as I hate to say it the Red Wings are still in 😦  …But, as all you Cub fans say season after season there’s always next year, RIGHT!!! Kidding!!! Lord Stanley’s Cup should be given out in about two weeks and I know you will want me to keep you posted.

STEP #3 was YouTube which I LOVE to look at! I find all kind of funny and well let’s just say different videos along the way!  If you know me, you know I like funny and I like different (ok to a Point).  Anyway, YouTube and the library, I think it can be used as a great teaching aid for people who can only learn visually. Another way would be in the Childrens Department, for the many programs they have as well as the Young Adult Programs.  With all of the programs the library has to offer I think that a summary of each could be set up on their own YouTube for future reference for any patron who couldn’t go to the program, considering most if not all are free of charge.

For anyone who didn’t get one of the Black-Bottom-Cupcakes I brought into work (sorry), and if you don’t know what they, (Chocolate Cupcake with Chocolate Chip CheeseCake Center) this is them in the YouTube.. looking as good as they taste, and the song and dance isn’t bad either!   

Cupcake Dance


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