Operation Baking Gals (Round 4, my second!)


Well I decided to get off my lazy butt and start working on my blog. This started as a work project (the library), but I left only two entries from that and decided to start out somewhat new.  My main reason for my blog is to post meaningless info on what I really enjoy doing….Baking/Cooking and Hockey (watching not playing..too old and can ‘t skate!).  GO BLACKHAWKS!! 

Well on to Baking info….. I joined Operation Baking Gals for the second time.  This is a great effort to get bakers together on team and send out baked goods to a soldier overseas.  I did this last month(Round 3), and really enjoyed it.  I sent out two different cookies (Chocolate Sugar Cookies and Peanut Butter Cookie Bars with Dark Chocolate M&M’s).  Of course I threw in a couple paperback books I picked up at the library for my soldier (Christopher Daleska) to pass out.  This round I signed up for 3 teams…..hey I figured I love to bake and I can make the time for a few good Men (or women…I got one female soldier!).  I’m happy to say my niece Melissa and friend Shelly both signed up to bake for Round 4.  Anyone looking to join in or get more info on this check out their new website:



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