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If you head over to the ‘You Want Pie With That’ blog you will see that this site has a new theme Pie to bake every month.  This is their second month, and the theme is  “A Fashion Statement” pie.  If you want to check out this site go over to

This is offically my First blog contest entry for anything! I was very jacked about doing this but I couldn’t have done all the posting of pic without the help of my rockin husband….so thanks Mike!!

My pie is called ‘Always a Bridesmaid Pie’, which has a Graham Cracker crust, A Chocolate Cream Cheese filling with Bailey’s Irish Creme topped with a lovely Bridesmaid Dress pink whipped cream topping and of course pink lacey white chocolate decorations and some dragee sparkle. 

My inspiration for this pie was the Bridesmaid, and her dress.  It’s big, puffy, lacey and of course PINK!  Anyone who has ever been a Bridesmaid and been forced to wear a not too flattering (UGLY) dress just to please the Bride will understand the meaning of this crazy looking pie.  I didn’t want to forget to include LIQUOR in this pie along with the pink because what good Bridesmaid doesn’t get ‘Hammered’ at the reception?  Maybe it’s to forget what they are wearing.


The First Batch Begins!

I started baking the cookies I will be sending to my 3 soldiers.  I plan on sending these out by November 3rd or 4th.  I’m making a Martha Stewart Cookie called ‘Grammy’s Chocolate Cookies’, which are a Cocoa Sugar Cookie.  I think these will ship well and still maintain there flavor.  I sent these in Round 3, but really haven’t heard if they held up….but No News is Good News in my book.  I’m also making,(last batch is in the oven!! Yeah!!) ‘Espresso-Nutella Cookies’.  I never made these before, but they smell Awesome!! My whole house smells like fresh brewed coffee and baked cookies with a hint of hazelnut.  These might be a good pick for my Christmas Cookie Exchange.  More info to follow along with pictures.

Operation Baking Gals (Round 4, my second!)


Well I decided to get off my lazy butt and start working on my blog. This started as a work project (the library), but I left only two entries from that and decided to start out somewhat new.  My main reason for my blog is to post meaningless info on what I really enjoy doing….Baking/Cooking and Hockey (watching not playing..too old and can ‘t skate!).  GO BLACKHAWKS!! 

Well on to Baking info….. I joined Operation Baking Gals for the second time.  This is a great effort to get bakers together on team and send out baked goods to a soldier overseas.  I did this last month(Round 3), and really enjoyed it.  I sent out two different cookies (Chocolate Sugar Cookies and Peanut Butter Cookie Bars with Dark Chocolate M&M’s).  Of course I threw in a couple paperback books I picked up at the library for my soldier (Christopher Daleska) to pass out.  This round I signed up for 3 teams…..hey I figured I love to bake and I can make the time for a few good Men (or women…I got one female soldier!).  I’m happy to say my niece Melissa and friend Shelly both signed up to bake for Round 4.  Anyone looking to join in or get more info on this check out their new website:


Chocolate Ancho Chile Pepper Cupcakes

On 4/19/08 my husband and I along with a few friends went to see Santana in concert.  Before we went to enjoy our evening of great music (it’s true Carlos does make his guitar sing! ), everyone met at our house for dinner before the show.  What else do you serve for a night of Santana music but Mexican Fare. Of course for dessert I wanted to serve some kind of Cupcake with a Mexican type of flavor so I went searching my favorite blogs for ideas and came up with this.  I went with the basic Martha Stewart One Bowl Chocolate Cupcake Recipe but added 11/2 tsp cinammon and 2 tsp of Ancho Chile Pepper for a little Spice and Heat.  I frosted the cupcakes with your standard Dark Chocolate Ganche but added 1 tsp of Caynene Pepper and 2 tsp of Ancho Chile Pepper and topped with a Red Hot Candy piece.   To get the basic recipes check out Martha Stewarts Web Site or past Living Magazine Issue and for the Ganche I used the recipe in the book Baking: From my home to yours by Dorie Greenspan ( We have the book upstairs.) 

The final outcome was so-so! Some people liked them and some did not(my husband and sons didn’t!). They actually didn’t have too much heat but a nice little kick. I guess all and all you have to like spice and heat to enjoy these Mexican Babies, hopefully while listening to a Santana CD you just checked out!  The concert was great!

The hockey playoffs are going ok for my San Jose Sharks….they just made it into the second round…..(took a game 7!!)….BUT…Lost the 1st game in that round against the Dallas Stars!! Sorry to say they lost the first game ( and I lost $$$ on that one in Vegas) 😦

Step#2…Not sure I did this right, the picture I posted is a little small but next time hopefully I can work on that.  I think the library could use this as a way of referencing, like recipes, places and a whole wide range of things. Several different tags could be used by the library.  Books and different subject titles come to mine for me.  I would use Flickr at home to show pictures of my cupcakes made and tags for the main ingredients used.

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