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Round 5 Info + Hosting Round 6 Operation Baking Gals

Well round 5 of Operation Baking Gals has come and gone but as you can see I was a ‘Blog Slacker’ and never posted any info for that round.  I joined Kim’s Team ‘Your Place Gourmet’ again and since she was hosting two soldiers I sent to both.  My two soldier were, Kathy Miller who is an RN working in the ER, and Alan Scobel who I believe is soon to be back home! 🙂  I sent them No Bake Chocolate/Peanut Butter Cookies(Alan’s request), White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies(Kathy’s request), Candy Cane Melt Aways and Cranberry Pistachio Cookies.  I included DVD’s, Books On Tape, Beef Jerky, Slim Jims(Thanks Gena & Park Ridge Library!), and Christmas Candy.  I heard from both of them and they said they enjoyed everything!

Now for Round 6…I’m really excited to say I will be one of the Hosts for this round! My soldier is actually my sister in law’s friends son(got that!!).  Anyway, his name is Terrance (Terry) Meagher and he’s from Des Plaines, IL stationed somewhere in Iraq.  Since he is an MP, he cannot disclose to anyone where exactly he is over there.  His family doesn’t even know.  He is married to Jessica who is living in Louisana at the Fort Polk base waitting for his return home. Go to for all the info on Terry including his address. Oh the team is called (What else…)Team Puck Cakes!


The Cookies are In the Mail

Well all my cookies are baked, boxed and dropped off at the post office and on their way to my soldiers overseas!  I’m talking about the Operation Baking Gals Round 4 shipment and the three baking teams I signed up for.  I baked and sent out four different types of cookies and thanks to Gena Zelenka and the Park Ridge Library I was able to send each soldier a few used Books and DVD’s.  THANKS GENA AND THE PARK RIDGE LIBRARY!! 


Here’s the cookies and books/DVD’s all laid out and ready to be boxed and mailed!

I made four different types of cookies:                                                 


Espresso Nutella Cookies

Chocolate Sugar Cookies

Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies

The three teams I joined were:

Team Adriennes House, Managed by Adriennevh…Our soldier is Ching Yu stationed in Joint Base Balad, Iraq

Team Baking For Our Troops, Managed by Lyndsay…Our soldier is Mason Berry stationed in Kuwait

Team Your Place Gourmet, Managed by Chef Kim…Our soldier is Crystal Sheffield stationed in Iraq

Anyone interested in joining Round 5(should be in time for a Christmas delivery!) check out:

Here’s my three boxes all ready to be dropped off at the Post Office



The First Batch Begins!

I started baking the cookies I will be sending to my 3 soldiers.  I plan on sending these out by November 3rd or 4th.  I’m making a Martha Stewart Cookie called ‘Grammy’s Chocolate Cookies’, which are a Cocoa Sugar Cookie.  I think these will ship well and still maintain there flavor.  I sent these in Round 3, but really haven’t heard if they held up….but No News is Good News in my book.  I’m also making,(last batch is in the oven!! Yeah!!) ‘Espresso-Nutella Cookies’.  I never made these before, but they smell Awesome!! My whole house smells like fresh brewed coffee and baked cookies with a hint of hazelnut.  These might be a good pick for my Christmas Cookie Exchange.  More info to follow along with pictures.

Operation Baking Gals (Round 4, my second!)


Well I decided to get off my lazy butt and start working on my blog. This started as a work project (the library), but I left only two entries from that and decided to start out somewhat new.  My main reason for my blog is to post meaningless info on what I really enjoy doing….Baking/Cooking and Hockey (watching not playing..too old and can ‘t skate!).  GO BLACKHAWKS!! 

Well on to Baking info….. I joined Operation Baking Gals for the second time.  This is a great effort to get bakers together on team and send out baked goods to a soldier overseas.  I did this last month(Round 3), and really enjoyed it.  I sent out two different cookies (Chocolate Sugar Cookies and Peanut Butter Cookie Bars with Dark Chocolate M&M’s).  Of course I threw in a couple paperback books I picked up at the library for my soldier (Christopher Daleska) to pass out.  This round I signed up for 3 teams…..hey I figured I love to bake and I can make the time for a few good Men (or women…I got one female soldier!).  I’m happy to say my niece Melissa and friend Shelly both signed up to bake for Round 4.  Anyone looking to join in or get more info on this check out their new website:


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